Organizational culture, how you communicate with others, determines your personal and professional success. Communication starts at birth and determines how well you get your needs met and how well you work with others. Since you depend on others to reach your goals, if communication is blocked or ineffective – conflict will arise and detract you from achieving.

Have you ever worked with someone that is difficult, quick to fly off the handle, or unapproachable? We can imagine this had a counterproductive impact on your work relationship and the environment around you. Positive, open, and constructive interactions are pivotal to the functioning of your company. When you have great relationships with your colleagues, it makes working with them easier and more enjoyable.

Since conflict is inevitable, it is important that when it does arise, you are equipped to handle it professionally and appropriately. The keystone to healthy relationships is not how you get along when things are going smoothly but how well you resolve conflict. When your communication styles are inconsistent, it is hard for others to know what to expect. By communicating skillfully, you can build lasting rapport with your colleagues.

Benefits Of Positivity Culture

Positive working relationships through assertive communication

Effective workflow and respect of other’s perspectives

Decreased conflict and effective resolution

Relationship growth outlook with outside partners

Improved rapport through listening, verbal and nonverbal communication

On-hands corresponding templates for building communication and relations

Teamwork unity and cohesion amongst all team members

Improved communication within each department