To Find Your True Passion – “Just Start”


Are you unhappy in your current career but weary of changing? We have all been through this journey – some of us more than others. The process of discovering what you’re passionate about takes time. After you realize what you want, oftentimes, the scariest part is going after it. Our dreams won’t magically come to us, we must create them and take ACTION to achieve them. The unfortunate truth for many of us is there is a sense of security in staying with what’s familiar no matter how much misery it may bring. However, in the long run, our fear of moving towards our dreams only keeps us from true happiness.

The longer you choose to stay in the status quo, the longer you’re prolonging the inevitable – regret, complacency, stagnation. Do you really want to look back years later and say “what if?”. When debating whether to start chasing your true desires, ask yourself, What’s holding me back? What do I fear? Are my fears real? If the worst thing I can think of really came true, would I really not be able to handle it? From a cognitive behavioral psychology standpoint, our “believed” outcomes of a situation will determine how we feel about it. These said feelings, in turn, dictate our actions. In order to align our actions towards with our desires, we have to combat any fears we may manifest.

Research shows that 90% of our fears are actually LIES! This means we create stories in our heads that are not true, and yet, we believe they are. It’s called self-deception and it can rear it’s ugly head frequently. Here’s one truth – if you never try pursing your passions, you’ll never know whether or not it was your true calling! We know that change is never easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. Don’t let the trap of sticking with what’s easy stop you from going after your dreams. JUST START!!!