Grit is the Keystone to Success


Ever wonder how some people became so successful? They make it look so easy. Their achievement often appears due to good fortune – meeting the right people at the right time, a breakthrough idea, or coming into an industry right before the boom. It is true, some outliers have had such luck, but this is rare. Prosperity is most commonly due to personality trait and that trait is GRIT!

In 2004, Angela Duckworth studied 1,200 cadets at West Point to uncover why some cadets were able to endure challenges and complete the program while others quit. She uncovered the keystone personality of Grit accounted for the difference between the two groups. Grit is comprised of an intense passion and motivation to achieve a long-term goal. Grit surpasses both IQ and talent when it comes to success. Grit enables people to stay focused on long-term goals even when they don’t get the instant rewards. Also, those with grit are resilient when pitfalls happen and view them as an opportunity for self-improvement.

It is proposed that this tenacity stems from having a firm end goal that never wavers. Those with Grit are able to put off quick-fix pleasures (going to the bars, vacations, having an extravagant social life) in order to achieve their goal. They put in the grunt work that many of us shy away from and because they have an insatiable drive to reach their goal. Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki speaks of the struggles he faced as an entrepreneur in his book “Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job”. He states he has failed in business more times than he has succeeded, however, eventually found prosperity because he never gave up – grit!

The key to developing Grit is finding your passion, believing it is possible, and igniting your internal drive to pursue it. They saying goes, “when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. In a time where so many of us are complacent and going through the motions, let 2017 be your year to discover your career passions and get your grit!