Emotional Intelligence And How It Impacts Your Success


Today I would like to speak on Emotional Intelligence and why it is so crucial in determining your success. The facts are astonishing – 80% those with high EQ outperform and earn more than their peers. However, only 30% of the workforce has high EQ. What this means is that many of us are lacking the knowledge and skills of EQ – which is unfortunate!

Emotional Intelligence involves many components: awareness of your emotions and behaviors and how they impact others, management of your emotions and reactions, how you handle situations and relationships with others, and how accurately you can read the emotions and behaviors of others (perception/empathy). EQ is so important because it relates to how well you handle others and how likable you are – both of which translate to your success and you guessed it, higher INCOME!

A study by Momm, T., Blickle, G., Liu, Y., Wihler, A., Kholin, M., & Menges, J. I. (2015) in Germany examined 142 employees to discover how one’s ability to recognize the emotions of their colleagues correlated to annual income. What they found proves that annual income increases by how well you can recognize emotions in others. Emotional recognition enables these individuals to know adjust their interactions with others based on the other person’s emotional state. These employees have stronger interpersonal skills, are better equipped at handling “organizational politics”, and can effectively lead others.

As mentioned earlier, only 30% of individuals when tested have high EQ but research also shows that EQ is not static like IQ but can actually be developed and learned.